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Building Bridges

Why Bridging?

Your Bridges Have Value!

Create new layers of information over a webpage.

Connect the dots of information and give more context.

Help others learn different perspectives.

Provide evidence to claims.

We’re Reinstalling the Big Missing Feature of the Web

The web was originally intended to include both reading and annotation which eventually got scrapped. Now, we’re bringing back annotation and the ability to layer knowledge on web pages. This will make fact-checking on the web more sufficient. Transparency and context need to be made visible in order to make online information trustworthy.

Connecting Information

Websites avoid linking to external sources, preferring to keep visitors solely on their website - thus creating information silos. Bridges are the links between information, adding context, fact-checking, and new perspectives to the web.

The Future of Bridges

Bridger is a way to get people excited about Bridges and the Overweb. The Overweb is a trust layer over the current web that allows the crowdsourcing of knowledge in the form of bridges that provide deeper context and information integrity.

In the future, once a Bridge is created it will be eligible to go through a validation process. When creating a Bridge you’ll be creating intellectual property which can become an NFT once validated.

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