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The Story of a Challenge

Challenge Roles



The Host

The Host is the person who creates a challenge. They decide on the topic, challenge criteria, and prizes. Hosts also invite judges to participate in their challenge.

The Curator

The Curator reviews submitted Bridges and Upvote the Bridges that follow the challenge criteria and help people understand the topic in a new way. The more Upvotes a Bridge has the more likely a Judge will review it. Anyone can be a curator by selecting to join a challenge as a “Curator.”


The Bridger

Bridgers can join challenges as individuals or groups. They connect content on the web, describe the relationship of the content (I.e. supporting or contradicting), and help to fact-check information on specific topics.


The Judge

Judges are invited by the host of a challenge to judge challenge submissions. They follow criteria set by the host and start looking at Bridges with the most Upvotes. After scoring the Bridges they choose the winners of the challenge.

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