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General Q's

What is Presence?

Presence is a browser overlay now available as a Chrome browser extension that provides access to the Overweb and enables you to create bridges.

How are my bridges helping people?

Bridges help people make sense of information on the web by providing context and evidence to support or contradict claims.  

Can I create a challenge?

Yes. Please fill out this Google form to be one of the first to host a challenge on Bridger

What is a bridge?

A bridge is a conceptual link between a piece of content on one page and a piece of content on another page with a relationship (e.g., supporting, contradicting), metadata, and analytics.

What is a curator?

A curator is someone who upvotes bridges that they think are valuable. Anyone can be a curator. Curators review submitted Bridges and Upvote the ones that stand out based on the criteria. In the context of a challenge, the aggregate votes of the curators ensure that the judges only have to review the best bridges submitted in the challenge.

What is a judge?

A Judge is an individual that is invited by a challenge host to judge the most upvoted challenge submissions, including bridge, poster and video entries. They follow criteria set by the host to judge challenge entries. There can be multiple judges for one challenge.

What is a host?

A host is the person who creates a challenge. This can be a teacher, someone in an organization or business, or anyone who wants to improve the information ecology in a specific topic area.

What is an upvote?

An upvote is how a curator indicates that a specific bridge stands out based on the criteria and supports sensemaking.

What is a submission?

A submission is a collection of work submitted to a challenge that includes one or more bridges as well as potentially a video and/or poster.

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