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Building Bridges

How Do You Build a Bridge?

1. Download the Presence extension and sign up for an account. You can download the extension here.


Offered by: Excellerent

2. Select Content with the Presence extension open. Highlight and select your content which can be: text, an image, or video.

3. Select the second piece of content on a different webpage. This can be content that relates, fact checks, or contradicts your first selection.

4. Add a Relationship. 

How are your two pieces of content related? This will add context and value to your Bridge.

5. Add an explanation. 

This is your chance to summarize your content and how your Bridge helps to fact check, or add more context to, information online.

6. Add Categories & Tags to your Bridge to keep it organized and easy to find.

7. Click Bridge It!

You’ve created your bridge!

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